Danica Green

Owner / Master Facialist & CFNC;Functional Nutrition Counselor

I am very passionate about healing the skin and practice skincare from a clinical approach paired with a therapeutic and calming hand. The repair mechanism, strength, and resilience of the skin is something I work towards stabilizing. The skins ability to respond and regain vitality can happen very quickly with the proper background of a specialist. My background in cellular chemistry, the muscular system, holistic remedies, massage, functional medicine- specifically nutrition, eastern medicine, and micro-needling allow me to understand each individuals unique process and devise a results oriented plan.

I customize all treatments; gearing toward those ingredients and modalities that best serve your ultimate goals and current skincare state. During your skincare treatments I will listen to your health history and ask many questions pertaining to your physical health, diet, sleep patterns, immune system, hormone fluctuations, career and travel schedule as well as understanding your stress levels. All of these factors play a part in your skin (the biggest organ we have) and I aim to heal from the inside-out. All of my clients are educated on the external and internal methods of their own cellular breakdown; always leaving my care with their own personal ingredient checklist. I have had fantastic results in treating skin issues such as acne, rosacea, severe to moderate hyperpigmentation, anti-aging and highly sensitive skin types. If we decide to dig deeper into a functional approach to whole body wellness or “root cause resolution” for any diagnosis, symptoms, or full body issues those will be booked as separate sessions. Please book your appointment today and lets start your journey towards a more radiant and youthful skin or a healthier working internal system ...together!